Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (2023)

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Montague's quintessential folding mountain bike, the Paratrooper is tough, durable and ready for anything. The patented collapsible design of it was developed under a DARPA grant to allow airborne soldiers to exit the aircraft and go into combat.

The Parateroper offers 24 speeds, front suspension, mechanical disc brakes and a rackstand for towing equipment.FACT ANY LAND, CARRY YOUR EQUIPMENT AND FOLLOW IT TO SAVE IT IN THE BOARD.


frame size

• Medium -18 适: Suitable for riders of 5'3 ″ - 5'10 "
Measures 28.13″ tall
• Large - 20 ": For cyclists of 5'11 - 6'4"
Measures 29.13″ tall


• Speed: 24
• Wheel size: 26 inches
• Folded dimensions: 36 "x28" x12 "
• Weight: 32 pounds


very suitable

• rough trace
• Drag the equipment
• Camping by bike
• Scouting missions

(Video) Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike Review

Disc brakes

Paracharidists equipped with mechs
Disc brakes.They provide a faster response, more
stop power, and in
The humid climate is better than tire brakes.

Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (20)

Skydivers are equipped with mechanical disc brakes. They provide quicker response, more stopping power, and better wet weather performance than rim brakes.


Why a folding bike?

Folding bicycles adapt to your lifestyle.The ability to fold the bicycle in a compact package in seconds allows you to easily save it in your home or office and bring your bike with you.It can be installed in the trunk of a car, bus or train, perfect for your next trip.


Why is Montegu?

We started to create the world's highest performance folding bike. All Monteg bikes use full-size wheels, standard components and folding design, and don't destroy any frame pipes. Our focus has always been to improve ride quality, handling and the comfort.

suspension fork

SR SunTour Suspension Fork permite
Paracharidists slide over obstacles,
The roots and rocks of the paths outside the road.

Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (21)

The Sr Sustour suspension fork allows the paratrooper to slide over obstacles, roots and rocks on off -road trails.

"Few bicycle companies need to measure the size of the aircraft cabin door when designing new models. When special combat forces jump from the plane to the enemy's territory, you can wear this bicycle.

The US Army found these bikes to be ideal for getting around quietly and without using scarce fuel. Word spread among tight-knit military communities around the world. "

weather magazine

"Monteg has added a new dimension to escape nature. The folding design of its patent is developed by the US army, allowing the soldiers to join the bicycle to the chest, and then land the enemy's lines behind the enemy's line.Essence

Its development is very simple: a solid sales control hinge, it has 27 gears, mechanical disc brakes, and front shock absorbers, which can help you show your fist in hostile territory. It can also be carefully bagged and put in the trunk, so the Warriors don't have to worry about drool on their cars on the drive home for the weekend."


"Monteg's Tactical Military Mountain Bike is a full-size (MB) mountain bike, providing cheap walking alternatives; it has an enhanced external body load bearing function; high-level mobility can be less than 30 seconds in less than 30 seconds.Portable size will be compact within time.

Currently deployed in the US, the Middle East, and Europe, they are ideal for patrolling, security, rapid response, and jumping. "

military technical magazine


Umbrella membrane equipped with a shelf,
A traditional shelf, support,
The workbench and the folding bike rack are combined.

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Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (22)

I will go

The Tourooper is equipped with the rackstand, which is a traditional support, support, work support and folding bicycle support.

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(Video) Montague Paratrooper & Paratrooper Pro Folding Bikes Overview

colorMatte -green
marcoCustom 6061 Pull series aluminum with directConnectSystem. Replaceable chain hangers and disc mount seats
cruzSR SUNTOUR XCT suspension. 80mm travel. low alloy. compatible disc
Rotation26 -inch alloy, 32 holes.double wall.Black
tireKenda Dynamics.26" x 2.10"
centerformula.negro.leación.Compatible with a cd.
SpeakNo. 14 oxide steel
Saddleair mountain
seat post30.0 x 300mm Alloy with Monta Ancient Logo
handlebarCarlos.alloy.7 degrees of sweeping.31.8 Babor.580 mm in length
SecoCarloe.The alloy has no thread. 105 mm. 7 degrees increasing
transmissionShimano Rapidfire Plus Change Change Polo
front derailleurDouble Shimano Top Swing pull
back dialXimananoovio
hand crankSr Sustour XCC.42/32/22. 170 mm of crank arm. Black is frozen
Rear gear11-30 tons
speed24 speed
brake setMechanical disc with pad adjustment. alloy lever
pedalSteel Cage Platform Pedals
Lower traysealed ink box
otherRackstand rear rack (not available in some international markets with front mud panels in some international markets)
frame size18 inches, 20 inches
folding size36 ″ x 28 ″ x 12 ″
Approximate weight32 pounds.
MSRP$ 1195.00
If the specifications and prices are changed, you will not be notified separately. The specifications and prices of the bike in your country/region may be different. We do our best to ensure that the specifications listed accurately reflect the parts in our folding bikes. Even so, we may need to change component specifications from time to time. We do our best to ensure that all components have the same performance and appearance as the listed components. In addition, our international distributors often they ask us to modify components to better suit the local market. For information on bikes in your area, contact your local dealers.

Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (39)

life guarantee

We're so confident in our folding frame design that we back it with a lifetime warranty so you can too. Lifetime warranty on frame and non-suspension forks.

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Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (40)

30 day return policy

The bicycle bought directly from Montague has a 30 -day satisfaction guarantee. If you feel dissatisfied with bicycles within these 30 days, you can reimburse it to pay a complete refund.

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26 commentsparatrooper

  1. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (41)

    chrusified55 points

    (Video) Montague Navigator Folding Bike Review


    Great bicycle! You can fold quickly and very strongly. Highway all rocks and mud on the road, and then I can throw it behind the jeep, and then go home.

  2. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (42)

    Qualified55 points

    David B

    It works so well that even my 13 -year -old son thinks he's "great."very happy.

  3. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (43)

    Qualified5Full points 5

    Bobby KS-

    I am in the second level of paratrooper.I had to leave the first abroad.It folds very well, I have taken many trains throughout Europe, but the airlines are still a pain: they can charge $ 100 for a section, so I sold it and obtained a new one in the US. UU.

  4. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (44)

    score45 points

    sean briggs-

    I also asked for a black Montago storage bag with bicycles, but they told me that you were missing and that you should get more in two months.I need this bag for storage, so send it as soon as the supplies are repeated.Nice bicycle!

  5. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (45)

    score55 points


    I have a paratrooper that I bought in 2012 with an old -style frame block mechanism.My friends were skeptical that the hard paths of the Arizona desert were mounted on a folding bicycle, but this bicycle is a beast.Receive a blow and keep going.I think this bicycle can handle almost any path.There are some customizations that I would recommend, as wider bars and improved seats, but that is really more specific to the user.I love my partner, it's a rigid bike of Bad Ass!!

  6. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (46)



    A very good friend of mine bought me a Montague Skydiver in 2014 since then I have ridden 4000 km (2500 miles) great bike never changed a thing only brake pads twice I ride 60% of the way uphill I have never I had brakes on flat tires, my relay love I'm a skydiver almost everywhere

  7. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (47)

    score55 points

    barry n-

    After having it for almost a year, very happy.It is a solid and well -made bicycle that is very fun.I am a bigger person and I worry that the folding bicycle supports my weight.After talking to a Montague technician, I continued his advice and changed the wheels.It works very well and I will approach my lowest weight goal before returning to the original wheels.

  8. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (48)

    score55 points

    yo parker-

    Incredible bicycle!Great performance even though my friends doubted it.Its frame practically has no flexion and endures everything I try.Folding is an accompaniment dish!Go for it!

  9. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (49)

    score45 points

    Timothy Rumbinas-

    The Paratrooper has an amazing frame – it really pulls off all the tricks of a non-folding bike. The only complaint I can find is that the components are entry level. When I got mine, I gradually upgraded all the steering wheel components. Not only is it significantly taller than the factory-shipped bike, but it's also significantly lighter. I've gone off-road with a great Marzocchi suspension fork and comfortable off-road geometry. Sometimes I trade out the suspension fork for a rigid aluminum unit and road-oriented tires. In this setup, it becomes a capable flat-bar road bike for serious gravel riding and 60-70-mile days. The exchange only takes about 20 minutes. I'd love to rate the frame five stars, but I feel like a great machine was betrayed by its collective set of mediocre quality. However, if you buy knowledge that you can upgrade when you take it with you, this might be the only bike you'll need for a long time. This is one of the few folding bikes (three at this point) I've used that didn't compromise the folding mechanism.

  10. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (50)

    score45 points

    Dear D.-

    I am so excited about my skydivers! Its strong frame makes it a great option for the toughest trails. Small frame fits me better at 5'2". Brakes need to work out of the box, I added more ergonomic grips based on personal taste, but overall a top notch bike.

  11. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (51)

    score55 points

    Ranganathan Venkatachalam-

    Hello. greeting.
    Yesterday I received the 2016 Skydiver. The secondary component of the bike road is very simple.
    I have been looking for folding bikes for a long time. I hope all I buy in India is 20 inch wheels, dahons and other similar products. Then I saw this bike being sold on one of the webpages. But the price shown on this page prevented me from doing so.Two weeks ago I saw one on one of the web pages at a discount price and ordered one of the 20 inch frames.I have no choice.This is the only frame size available.My height He is 5'8", and my bottom inseam is 33.5". I ignored Montague's recommended 18" size and went with a large 20".
    This is my preliminary impression.
    The folding system is excellent. After riding all the folds that I can let go, I worry about the rigidity of the frame. Who said this is a folding bicycle? It feels as strong as MTB non -folding. Period. However, this is notIt is a strict commitment. Although claiming the rapid folding and expansion of the manufacturer, it takes time and attention to the folding and at the beginning of a bicycle. There is no great business for me. I want a bicycle.If so, I can carry and bring public transport with me. I do not need to fold and start a bicycle at least twiceIt is solid. The car on the two wheels.Start this bicycle.
    look. beautiful! ! period. It frames the green of the rocks. Black in all other parts complements the color of the frame.
    Item. Again, if the US Paratrooper is good enough, it's enough to meet my requirements. Nothing to complain about.
    I will post my long term driving comments later.
    Thanks Team Montagu for this bike.

  12. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (52)

    score45 points


    I have driven more than 60 miles in my new paratrooper in the last month.My only problem is that my shorts occasionally hit the liberation buckle of the frame.There are no problems so far.

  13. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (53)

    score55 points

    William Ekhart-

    I like it!Bought for the fold since we have 16 feet.Airstream trailer, no place bicycle, folding bicycle.So they are perfect for us, but there are more to come.The Trooper is very fun to drive and it really is a mountain bike with a very pleasant appearance.

  14. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (54)

    score35 points


    In fact, the skydiver I have is worth the four or five star rating. But now I am giving it a three star evaluation. The fatal weakness of the bike is actually the part related to folding. I ride a bike every day, and I have to fold and start a bike twice in five business days. After so many clicks over a year, it has come loose quickly, and now I can't fold a bike again. Dealer has ordered a new one from parent company.
    But the rear wheel clicks are not perfect. If the card opens and fastens again, it must carefully verify if the luggage rack shelf is placed correctly on the screw. The opposite, when you leave your luggage, it is released.When you stop the bicycle on the shelf, this will cause the wheels to fall.
    The front wheel clamps do not always stay in the same position when the wheel is removed. So from time to time you have to fix the wheel with the correct bolts to find the correct tension.
    So, is this a bad bicycle? No, this is a great bicycle, I really like a year.
    But I hope that after repairs, the bicycle is less complicated.Then I will return with a 5 -star review.
    This review has been translated by Google, so there may be some odd English here and there, I apologize.

  15. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (55)

    score55 points

    (Video) Montague Navigator: Folding Touring Bike | Folding Bike Calgary | Alberta, Canada | Tern


    Now I am 64 years old ... I bought my trooper used trooper ... It was a new bicycle for one hundred dollars ... the best bicycle I bought ... resistant enough to take me to the road ... ... I changedThe tires and put the fenders.I asked for a rear rack for her the other day and should arrive in a few days ... it's better than any bicycle that has mounted ... It goes in Amtrak ... at the back of a truck.I have been riding this bicycle everywhere ... I have been looking for other bicycles that I can ride in the US.
    I don't know what to say about it other than it's a "great bike".

  16. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (56)

    score55 points


    Nice to see and a pleasure of driving ...

  17. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (57)

    score45 points

    CS here-

    After I recently purchased my first pre-owned Paratrooper Pro (2016), I recently purchased the second Paratrooper (2017 pre-owned model). This type of Paratrooper allows me to upgrade to a 27.5-inch wheels, and with the new Fox 32 Fork. Coupled with the new liquid pressure supplementary operator, Thompson Elite Seat Post has higher performance. The existence and dual functions of the 27.5-inch MTB on the frame just turned. I can reduce 1 kg of the original weight of the bike, which it has caused huge differences in performance and treatment. I am very pleased with this. If you are considering custom upgrades this is one bike that may be available

  18. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (58)

    score55 points

    brian c-

    This is my second skydiving mountain bike. I bought my first 18" Paratrooper in 2013. I want to upgrade to a 20" frame because I'm 6' tall.
    I'm not actually compelled or excited about upgrading an 18" frame bike because I've made a few upgrades that I like and really work for me. The extra 2 inches on the frame isn't a big deal for me either. I have a friend who he needs a bike and can't find one during the pandemic. He lives in an apartment, has a car and is shorter than me. The bike was perfect for him as it met most of his requirements. I sold him the 18" and I bought the 20". I plan to make the same upgrades on this bike as I did on my 18" Paratrooper.

    In general, this is a solid and well -made bicycle. I like the new frame/bicycle support and the integrated mud table.Palma larger and vertical grip. A bottle grid is added to the frame. He has everything I need (now) :-). My son hooked because I sold another bicycle instead of updating and gave him 18 inches, because he also likedHe helped to build new ones and used it during the first cycling. Now I just need to keep him away from him 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让
    The biggest pain in getting a 20 inch skydiver is that after selling the 18 inch model, I had to wait 5 weeks for my new skydiver to arrive.

  19. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (59)

    score55 points

    David Jackemeyer-

    In my giant 1994 Sedon, Riding Mountain Cars got more and more painful in 14 years, so I bought (2015) paraatrooper (Pedalboard out of Tanpe, Arizona), because it can be under $1,000, 30, 30 pounds of component Entry-level bikes are comparable (I agree with Timothy Rumbinas, except for Deore's dial chain, other components are cheap). Also, it can be folded up and put in my 85 Prelude trunk (later placed in my 98 Cherokee trunk. Has also dreamed of flying as a consignment but airlines can't charge a fee over $50 each time. Basically I beat the frame and didn't give it an inch even though it was 175lbs light. Surprisingly, the heavy XCT SunTour front fork isn't bad (but very loose!). I usually roam about 10-25% on Strava, and I like to use these "little" 26-inch (2.4) wheels width, rear wheel friction) on Papago, Hawes, and S. Mountain. Due to the popularity of 27.5-29", upgrading bikes is getting more and more difficult, and even the Pedalboard guy laughed at me for not update the framework, so I learned to maintain/replace/update components.
    The first update is recommended after driving: a wider bar, a sticky pedal for flat shoes, a lighter spring as a light as XCR and a lighter No. 14 skauge skake theel set the seat!)
    Notable issues/problems over the years: Bicycles can not be blocked quickly on standard carriers;They cannot be loaded rapidly in older carriers (due to the design of the rectangular and thick "upper tube" frame);They do not fit in most of the Portabebés in turning on again, although I am thinking of installing a unit with a rear wheel support (my 15 does not have one).

  20. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (60)

    score55 points


    I bought it recently, my paratrooper is almost ten years.Mountainous bicycles and rural roads.Every year in my outdoor gym, regardless of the weather, I will run about 4,000 miles. I am also on the original wheel, the rear belt and the front mechanical devices. Despite two important impacts, one of them almost swallowed myfront wheels and saw that I got up without a parachute. The only change I made is to replace the tires for the Schwalbe Plus marathon to obtain a more sensitive and faster cycling outside the road. In addition, I have been satisfied with the initial configuration from theFirst day. I saw my road bike due to its low use. Therefore, buy a soldier and save money to buy other bicycles! I still like the curiosity of other cyclists.Most of them think I am riding an electric car until you show you intelligent work principles. Yes, I am very satisfied with my mountain and I hope to write another comment ten years later.At that time, he was 83 years old. Feliz Cycling!

  21. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (61)

    score55 points


    I have an early 20 "paratrooper, at least 10 maybe 15 years. I love this bicycle, it is perfect for the interior of your ship or car. I also have a kayak that folds, and guess what folds in the blood!

    This component has always maintained a good condition, and most of them are used as travelers and bicycle lanes every week. My only complaint, some of them are, of course, mine, but compared to the lighter configuration and friendsFrom Taihe, it can be a slow 32 -pound bicycle! After Covid, I can have a dream.I hope to complete a trip to Icelands/lighthouse islands and then give it to my granddaughter. Thank you to Montague for creating such a good product, I must also say that I kept the bicycle at the tolerable price, because the new basic model is equivalent to the price I paidmany years!

  22. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (62)

    score55 points

    Kurafids by Victor-

    The genius of Montague bikes is the frame; everything else can be easily upgraded at will using standard aftermarket components. So far, I've downsized the drivetrain to a 1×8 (32T narrow-width RaceFace chainring, Shimano 12-42T cassette) and gradually moved to wider handlebars. My next updates will be air suspension forks, even wider handlebars, and correspondingly shorter stems. I have ridden this bike for years in the rugged Rocky Gardens of Northeast Pennsylvania and have enjoyed every minute of every ride.

  23. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (63)

    score55 points

    marca mcgrath-

    When I went abroad around 2011, I bought this bicycle (I never went through transport). I like it a lot.Debate in 2021. I bought it again when I went to work and lost the year again.If Hardtails is the most suitable for bicycles outside the road.This may be the disadvantage of some people, but in 2011, this is a bicycle hell, and I kept one for this.

  24. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (64)

    score55 points

    Email Playstad-

    It's here again... now 65 years old, I spend my entire retirement time on my early version of the skydiver's bike, and I ride a bike everywhere! Now your front and rear racks, front and rear bags, bags front and rear, mud, lamps, solar panels, ... it's a stock bike, except the front rack (4100 ..67.00 series is generally suitable for any bike), and and of. It was raining for me to change. This bike has over 7,000 miles and 7,000 miles on this off-road and cycling bike. You can vouch for its architectural quality. On my 4th set of tires my chain is over 7,000 miles in orbit, rail machine, bar sprocket, like a new bike what can I say...Last winter Southern California...370 miles in the oregon coast...inserted into a bus grid on amtrak.Public transportation is everywhere on the bus, run, bike, and bike.Not everyone's bike, but should be a bike for it right by blowing a bike loud!From Lake Mayfield.To the next outdoor festival!?? ‍️?

  25. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (65)

    score55 points

    Charlie D.-

    I was very impressed how the bicycle was handled on all lands.I could not be happier with the purchase of this paratrooper mountain bicycle.Thanks for creating it.

  26. Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle (66)

    score55 points

    Steven Guibord-

    The Skydivers are top notch when it comes to durability and toughness! I love how the bike folds up and easily fits in my Ford Explorer! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for the ultimate in branding, style, and all around performance!

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Paratrooper |Montegu bicycle? ›

The Paratrooper

A rugged mountain bike that folds simply without the use of tools, by turning one lever. In less than 30 seconds it folds to a 3′ x 3′ pack that can be dropped from a plane, strapped to the side of an LAV, or thrown in the back of a trunk. See More. Montague Bikes. 2.24K subscribers.

What is a paratrooper bike? ›

The Paratrooper

A rugged mountain bike that folds simply without the use of tools, by turning one lever. In less than 30 seconds it folds to a 3′ x 3′ pack that can be dropped from a plane, strapped to the side of an LAV, or thrown in the back of a trunk. See More. Montague Bikes. 2.24K subscribers.

Where are Montague Paratrooper bikes made? ›

That was the solution the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency came up with. In 1998 it turned for help to Montague, a company in Cambridge, Mass. that designs and sells full-size bikes that fold.

What is the weight limit for the Montague paratrooper? ›

Montague Folding Bikes

There is a wide range of folding bikes for you to choose, for instance, Montague Navigator, Paratrooper, Paratrooper Pro, Paratrooper Elite, Paratrooper Highline, Paratrooper Express, Crosstown, Boston, Urban, Fit, or Allston. The maximum weight capacity of the bikes is 250 lbs (113 kg).

What size is the seatpost on a Montague paratrooper? ›

Seatpost: 30.0 X 300mm Alloy with Montague logo. Handlebars: Kalloy.

What is a Widowmaker bike? ›

In the hands of an experienced rider, the Mach IV was the fastest production bike in the world, but with someone less skilled on board, it was an accident waiting to happen. It earned its nickname 'the widow maker' all too often.

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(commonly known as Giant) is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer, recognized as the world's largest bicycle designer and manufacturer.

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Indian Motorcycle - America's First Motorcycle Company.

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Finding the correct bike seat height for you

To start, you need to determine your inseam (the distance from your crotch to the bottom of your leg). Then it's time to do a bit of math as it recommends that your bike seat height should be 109 percent of your inseam.

Will any seatpost fit my bike? ›

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A pair of AFSOC Combat Controllers (CCTs) pictured riding Kawasaki KLR250-D8 motorcycles. CCT motorcycles can be airdropped from aircraft on special pallets under parachutes. The 75th Ranger Regiment also use KLR-250s for administration and reconnaissance, along with newer, smaller Suzuki DS80 mini bikes.

What is the most common seat post size? ›

Diameters. Seatpost diameters generally range from 22 mm to 35 mm in 0.2 mm increments. The most common size is 27.2 mm (1.07 in) for most bikes, especially for the higher-quality models.

Do all saddles fit all seat posts? ›

Do all saddles fit all seatposts? Not all saddles fit all seatposts because there are four standardized configurations available: dual rails, single rail, pivotal, and tripod seatpost attachments. As long as the saddle and seatpost use the same mechanism, they are compatible.

What is a para bike? ›

The Parabike is the epitome of practical, reliable and stylish cycling, being as it is an evolution of the Airborne bicycles of the Second World War. These were carried by British paratroopers dropping into occupied France, who would use these cycles to get around both city and countryside on their important missions.

Why is it called an assault bike? ›

The AssaultBike – Overview

The reason that air bikes are frequently called “assault bikes” is because it was Assault Fitness that really popularized these machines in the 2000s.

What kind of bike is Kaneda bike? ›

Using a Ducati Diavel as the base model for this bike, Qiu used CG software Maya, V-Ray, Nuke, and Unreal Engine 4 to build it virtually in his spare time between work; he used Photoshop for the finishing details that brought his creation to life.

How is para cycling different to normal cycling? ›

Sports Summary

Para-cycling is open to athletes with a physical or visual impairment and is divided into track and road events. In road cycling, athletes compete on a tandem bike, standard bike, three wheeled trike or handcycle, depending on their impairment.

What is an angel bike? ›

Bike Angels is a reward program that offers points for relocating bikes to locations where riders most need them. Angels earn rewards based on the points they earn each month, plus additional swag for hitting lifetime point milestones.

What is a sonic bike? ›

The Sonic Bike is an instrument which plays sound and music that changes depending on where the cyclist goes and how fast they ride. It is simply a bicycle with speakers on the front and our GPS tracking audio system in a BOX on the back.

What type of bike do Hells Angels ride? ›

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (HAMC) is a worldwide outlaw motorcycle club whose members exclusively ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

What bikes are police bikes? ›

Features for 2023 Models

All the MY23 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide® Police model (FLHTP), and Harley-Davidson Road King® Police model (FLHP) ordered for police use will now have a limited 3-year, 60,000-mile warranty.

What bike does Tom Cruise use? ›

Kawasaki power

But the GPZ900R is a long way from the H2R he rides in Top Gun 2. The GPZ900R was made from 1984 to 1996 and had a 908cc transverse four-cylinder engine capable of 86kW of power and 85Nm of torque for a top speed of 254km/h top speed.

Why is Assault Bike so hard? ›

One of the reasons why the assault bike is a seriously savage piece of equipment is due to the push-pull-push needs of your body. (Push-pull with your arms, while simultaneously pushing into the pedals with your lower body.)

Why is Assault Bike so tough? ›

Since AssaultBikes use air for resistance and the resistance level increases as you increase your effort level, they can provide a more challenging workout than some other types of exercise bikes.

Can you lose belly fat by riding a stationary bike? ›

Biking on a stationary bicycle is a great way to burn calories and lose abdominal fat. However, to reap these advantages, you must exercise regularly. To avoid belly fat, you should integrate regular physical activity with a nutritious and very well diet.

What bike does Rambo ride? ›

Rambo's bike? A first generation 1982 Yamaha XT250 dual-sport motorcycle. Built to withstand practically anything, as you can see in the movie, Rambo puts it to the test, weaving around obstacles and easily taking the bike both on and off-road.

What type of bike is sniper? ›

With the Sniper T we have created a pure full-suspension cross-country trail bike with a true INTENSE spirit. Running on 29" Wheels and is supported by 120mm/120mm of suspensions.

What is a superstrata bike? ›

Superstrata Classic specifications and details

This uses a thermoplastic filament composed of carbon fibre and nylon polymer. This is claimed to be tougher, more impact resistant and – importantly – takes less energy to manufacture than traditional carbon-resin constructions used commonly in bike frames.


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