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It's been a year and a half since the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 launched in November 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic, global chip shortages, and scalpers have made it very difficult for anyone to get their hands on a “next gen.” (now current generation) console. Of course we were no exception. We had to jump through many hurdles and turn down many last-minute orders to finally get our review units. However, the gaming industry never stops moving forward and while bottlenecks have resulted in a number of cross-gen titles, that should not be the case in the coming months as we already see a huge surge in only- See current-gen games. announced. At the same time, it is gradually becoming easier to buy a console. So if you're looking to upgrade, now is your best chance to do so.

Having had enough time to test out the Team Green and Blue consoles, I can confidently say that the Xbox Series X|S consoles are the clear winners in terms ofGame on a budget,cost-benefit, besides havesmaller form factorsand the Xbox Series X isthe best interpreterfrom all. However, we will study the case of getting a PS5 as objectively as possible, although this article aims to help you choose the right Xbox Series X|S console.

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Which next-gen console should I really buy?

If you've already decided to continue with Team Xbox or Team PlayStation, feel free to skip this part. If you haven't developed a preference yet, don't worry, we have a lot to cover.

Is it worth buying a PlayStation 5 in 2022?

I'm a strong supporter of console equality. There are countless good and perfectly valid reasons to get a PlayStation 5. You know the joke that the PlayStation has more games than the Xbox? It's no joke, it's absolutely true. PlayStation has a much stronger library of proprietary games than Xbox, with absolute gems likeForbidden Horizon Westedie Uncharted-Serie🇧🇷 And while the original Xbox lineup looks amazing at the moment and will likely stack up for the foreseeable future, Microsoft is making big acquisitions likework dayeActivision Blizzard, the only big hitters they have so far areinfinite haloeForza Horizon 5.

But they also have a strong catalog of niche Japanese games (mainly JPRGs) with strong cult followings that have skipped Xbox platforms altogether because they are not as popular in the west. We talk about franchises likethe Persona seriesor the notoriousFinal Fantasy VII-Remake🇧🇷 That's starting to change, however, as Japanese publishers like Sega and Square Enix are showing keen interest in releasing their games on Xbox Game Pass, and this could be a hint that future games might also be available on Xbox.

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The PS5 can offer some of the best first-party experiences modern games have to offer, but remember they don't come cheap. The PS5 is a great console if you're looking to splurge on full price games. Games for the PS5 are usually around €10 more expensive than their Xbox counterparts at full price on the PlayStation Store. Sony tries to compensate with constant sales, but can't match the valueXbox GamePassoffers. Another thing is that the PS5 only offers backwards compatibility with PS4 games. So if you have hard drive copies from the PS3 era or earlier, you won't be able to revisit them on your newer console.

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Which Xbox Series X|S console is right for me?

If you're on a tight budget but still want to play the latest and greatest, the Xbox family of consoles is your best bet. Thanks to Game Pass, it's not only the most cost-effective solution to your problems, but it also offers some much-needed future-proofing, as Microsoft has a decent track record of supporting its consoles, longer than Sony. At the same time, any previous generation Xbox games you own will likely run on your Xbox Series X|S console without any issues, as Microsoft has had a great BC program in place since the Xbox One days. But which console is right for you?

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The Xbox Series X is exactly what an enthusiast needs

If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer and you're looking for a way to make the most of the money you're paying for a new console, then the Xbox Series X is undoubtedly your best bet. The Series X is the most powerful console in the range, and if Jeremy Clarkson taught us anything, it's that.ENERGYthat's all that really matters. You also get an imposing looking monolith (respmini fridge) for your setup/living room. Sharp lines, geometric design and the green accents well hidden in the upper grille make the Series X a true sleeping beast, a powerful tool that enhances your experience without stealing attention from the rest of your setup.

Jokes aside, the Series X is a technological marvel. It has a compact footprint, it's dead silent except under full load, and nothing can beat the raw power Microsoft has packed into this little thing for just €500. Sure, the PS5 might have the fastest storage on paper, but it doesn't really fly through menus like the Xbox Series X, and it's definitely not nearly as quiet. Plus, with Xbox consoles, you get arguably the best all-in-one gaming controller that connects to your gaming PC or phone via Bluetooth.

I've been testing the Xbox Series X with all manner of games since I got my hands on it and I have to say I'm really impressed with the performance. A year and a half later, Cyberpunk 2077 on consoles remains an unoptimized heap of garbage. Surprisingly, I was able to crack a solid 60fps framerate when using the Performance preset on the Xbox Series X. As the latest games are cross-generational, in-game performance is still on par with the competitionalter RingorFar Cry 6🇧🇷 As expected, the next-gen games not optimized for the new consoles run great. I spent a lot of time playing gamesRed Dead Redemption 2knowing that while it's not optimized, it unleashes its true potential on the latest hardware. Except Warzone. It still works like crap.

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  • Is it worth buying an Xbox Series X? - 18 months later | bgeek (6)
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Quick Resume is what really sets the Xbox Series X apart

The great feature of the Xbox Series X is Quick Resume. This clever little feature lets you run multiple games at the same time, no matter how demanding, and switch between them seamlessly. Hoping your homies grab some food before jumping into their next Warzone match? Just switch to Cyberpunk 2077 and do some side quests. It's incredibly fast and gets better with every system update released by Microsoft.

Another neat little feature the Xbox ecosystem includes to make your life easier is Smart Delivery. With cross-gen games, you always need to make sure you download the correct version of the game for your console. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to abandon a new game download overnight only to find you downloaded the PS4 version instead of the PS5. That just doesn't happen on Xbox. The Xbox Store automatically detects which console you're on and automatically queues the correct version of the game for your system for download.

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The Xbox Series S might be the best solution for your needs right now

I understand that everyone wants the most powerful console at the heart of their setup. But you have to understand that supply restrictions still make it pretty difficult to get your hands on an Xbox Series X, even long after its release. Does that mean you won't be able to play the latest and greatest? No way. OXbox-Serie SIt might be a bit weaker, but it runs all new games without hiccups, making sure you're still enjoying all the benefits of modern games like Xbox Game Pass. Listen to me:

Smaller, quieter, more beautiful

While the Series S is a bit weaker than its larger siblings, it makes up for it in portability, as it's also much smaller than the Series X. The smaller form factor makes it easy to just toss in a backpack and take with you on your travels so you're always game-ready on the go. The smaller footprint is achieved by the lack of a Blu-Ray drive and the huge heatsink found on the Series X. You see, the Series S has an underclocked chipset, so it doesn't really need all that extra cooling, and nobody uses hard drives anymore.We unboxed the Xbox Series S last year, so you can see for yourself how small it really is.

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I'm also a big fan of the Series S design. This two-tone black and white Stormtrooper look is absolutely iconic and, unlike the Xbox Series X, looks good both upright and prone. The strangest thing is that it's even quieter than the Series X and has a much lower power consumption.

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Isn't Xbox Series S weaker?

And yes. But that's not a problem unless you're gaming on a big-screen 4K TV or gaming monitor. Series S renders most games at 1080p or 1440p, allowing them to run at stable frame rates without hiccups. It can still be bumped up to 4K if you use a higher native resolution display, but it obviously doesn't look as good as the Series X's native 4K. Financially you should buy a Series S.

It's easier to find as most stores always have it in stock and is the perfect solution for gamers on a tight budget. It's best suited for high school or college students who have more time than money and would rather spend their time playing their favorite games than checking console availability at online stores. For only €300, there is no console that offers better value for money than the Xbox Series S.

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Should I invest in the Xbox ecosystem?

So you're wondering if Xbox consoles are for you. That's understandable, the PlayStation fan base has grown much faster than Xbox One in the PS4 era. Gaming companies, as well as mobile phone makers, are doing everything in their power to ensure you don't switch sides when the next generation of consoles arrives. They lock you in with exclusive games, subscriptions, and most importantly, your gaming friends. However, switching consoles is much easier today than it has ever been, and you have nothing to lose by switching consoles. Whether you own a PS4 and are thinking of abandoning ship, or are investing in your first console right now, I firmly believe that Xbox consoles are the best choice for most gamers.

Of course, Sony and the PS4 absolutely dominated the previous generation of consoles. This generation is looking very different, however, as Microsoft strengthens the Xbox Game Studios brand and its premium lineup with some of the biggest names in gaming. And your biggest projects are coming your way.Sternenfeldis Bethesda's first new IP in 20 years and is an open world role-playing game about space exploration that was released in November.STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobylis the highly anticipated fourth installment in the STALKER first-person shooter series, coming this December.Saga de Senua: Hellblade IIis the sequel to the indie action horror game that took the world by storm in 2017.Explainedis a first-person fantasy role-playing game from RPG pioneers Obsidian Games. And these are all Xbox console exclusives.

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Microsoft has a firm grip on this generation of consoles and they have achieved this by ensuring a diverse portfolio of first-party titles. Sure, more PlayStation exclusives may be on the way right now, but we haven't seen everything Microsoft has planned for the Xbox Series X|S family of consoles. The games announced so far are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Is it worth buying an Xbox Series X? - 18 months later | bgeek (14)

Xbox Game Pass is the best bang for your buck

We've said it countless times here on BGeek, but honestly, there's no better value for money than an Xbox Game Pass subscription. With only €9.99/month you can access around 200 games to download and play. And that number includes several day-one releases included with Game Pass but Microsoft's entire proprietary library. Yes, this means that all of the announced games listed above will be included in Game Pass after their release.

Paying an additional €4/month upgrades you to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier, which gives you access to Xbox Live Gold and EA Play, as well as Xbox Game Pass for PC. We also found a cool little trickHow to get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cheap!

Which next-gen console is best for me?

Let's keep this conclusion short and sweet. If you're an enthusiast who doesn't want to compromise on your gaming experience, the Xbox Series X is definitely for you. It offers the best performance of any new console, an elegant design and the best controller on the market.

On the other hand, if you want to instantly improve your gaming experience, the Xbox Series S is the only way, as it's the only console that's in stock all the time. It offers pretty much all the features you need, plus the smallest form factor of any new console, so you can take it anywhere. It's also the cheapest, so you'll save a lot of money by getting the Xbox Series S.

You canOrder your new Xbox consolenow from partner🇧🇷 Couple that with an Xbox Game Pass membership and you're good to go! If you're looking to expand your gaming setup with a new headset to match your new console, this is itSteelSeries Arctis 9Xit is atAstro A40 TRare currently two of the best gaming headsets on the market!

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