How long should a skipping rope be + training guide for beginners (2023)

What should be the length of a jump rope? Introduction

Cardio is arguably the most important component of fitness. After all, it doesn't matter how big your biceps are or how much you can lift if your heart and lungs are weak or inefficient.

There are many different cardio exercises to choose from, and each one will help you get in shape, burn fat, and improve your cardiorespiratory fitness. The key to cardio is finding the time to do it, so comfort and efficiency are important.

Whether you work out at home or at the gym, one of the best cardio exercises is jumping rope. Jumping rope may seem very low-tech (it is!), but despite being a very old training method, it is still one of the best ways to get fit and burn calories.

In this guide, we take a closer look at jumping rope, show you how to measure your jump rope correctly, and give you some great exercises to try.

benefits of jumping rope

Jumping rope is a very effective way to exercise, stay fit and burn calories. Here is a list of the main benefits of jumping rope:

#1.they will findce

You can jump rope almost anywhere and anytime. All you need is a few feet of space and your rope. Because jump ropes are lightweight and compact, you can take your rope with you wherever you go, so you have no excuse for missing your jump rope workout. You can also jump rope indoors or outdoors, whichever you prefer.


While there are expensive jump ropes available, you can get PVC speed ropes for just a few dollars. Compared to buying a treadmill or spin bike or joining a commercial gym, jumping rope is very inexpensive.

#3.Use to build aerobic or anaerobic fitness.

You can use a jump rope to develop both types of cardiorespiratory fitness; aerobic and anaerobic. Go slow for 20 to 30 minutes to improve your aerobic fitness, or pick up the pace and do short, high-intensity intervals to build your anaerobic fitness.

#4.Good for agility and coordination.

One of the most challenging aspects of jumping rope is not tripping. This requires practice, timing, agility, and coordination. It's also important to make sure your rope is the correct length. If you play sports or just want to be more coordinated and agile, jumping rope will help you.

#5.Combines well with other workouts.

While there's nothing wrong with simply jumping rope, this exercise works well with many different types of training. Try jumping rope between sets of squats or pushups, or create a circuit workout around jumping rope. Not sure where to start? Don't worry; we have some exercises to try later in this article.


Although this is a personal observation, jumping rope is a very fun exercise. Play music and jump rope in time. Plus, once you've mastered the basic jump rope, you can spice up your workout with tricks like crossovers, double unders, trips, and lateral jumps.

#7.Burn calories, lose weight

Jumping rope burns about ten calories per minute, or 100 calories for ten minutes. This compares favorably to other types of cardio like running and biking. Remembering that this is an estimate. The actual number of calories burned during jump rope workouts depends on how fast you're going, your weight and fitness level, and whether you do any tricks like double unders.

How to size a jump rope

How long should a jump rope be? What is the ideal length of the jump rope?

The answer is that to enjoy all the benefits of jumping rope, your rope must be theCorrect length🇧🇷 If it's too long, it will drag on the ground and slow you down. On the other hand, if it's too short, it'll get stuck in your foot and you'll have to stop and start again, which quickly becomes frustrating.

There are two easy ways to make sure your rope is the correct size:

Use a size chart

The higher you go, the longer your rope should be. If you are purchasing a fixed length rope, make sure it is the correct size using this chart. This is a useful method if you are buying rope online or if it is in a package that cannot be opened. If you are between sizes, buy the longer rope, as they are often easy to shorten. A string that is not long enough could be rendered unusable.

(Video) Jump rope Length: How long should your jump rope be? AND HOW TO PROPERLY SIZE IT!

Your heightrecommended rope length
4' a 4' 9"7 pies
4′ 10″ – 5′ 3″8 pies
5′ 4″ – 5′ 11″9 pies
6′ 0″ – 6′ 4″10 pies
6′ 4″ +11 pies

The middle step method

This method is useful for tuning your string to suit your needs.

  1. Stand in the middle of the rope with your feet together and a handle in each hand.
  2. Pull the straps towards the armpits.
  3. If the straps don't reach your armpits, it's too short.
  4. If the straps are much higher than your armpits, it's too long.
  5. If the straps only reach your armpits, it should be fine.

While these two methods will help you get the correct rope size, you may need to make adjustments based on your style of jumping rope. For example, if you keep your arms out at your sides, you are effectively shortening the rope, so you may need a longer rope.

Adjusting the length of the jump rope depends on the type you purchased. With fixed-length ropes, you can tie knots to shorten them. With adjustable steel cables, there are usually screws you can loosen so that more cable can be fed through the handle.

It may take a few workouts to get the rope length right, but you'll start to enjoy smoother, more enjoyable workouts with less travel once you get it right.

Jump rope exercises for beginners

While you can jump rope until you start to feel tired, you'll likely get better results if you take a more structured approach. Here are three simple exercises designed to get you started with your jump rope training.

1. boxing rounds

For this workout, set a timer for three minutes of work and one minute of rest. Jump rope at a comfortable speed for three minutes, stop and recover for one minute, then repeat 3-5 times for a total of 12-20 minutes.

Three minutes is a long time, so feel free to cut it down to two or even a minute, increasing as you adapt. Also, don't worry if you stumble and have to start over. Even if your rope is the perfect length, tripping still occurs.

2. Jump rope, push-ups and squats

This workout works almost all major muscles and also provides an excellent cardiorespiratory training effect. Just keep repeating this sequence for 10, 12, 15, or 20 minutes depending on your physical condition and how much time you have available:

  1. Jump rope: 50 rotations of the rope
  2. Push-ups – 10
  3. Squat – 15

3. Pyramid jump rope

This simple exercise gets more difficult as you work, but you'll have racked up an impressive number of jump rope loops, aka wraps, by the end. Make sure you keep score!

  1. 10 laps of jump rope - take a deep breath to recover
  2. 20 laps of jump rope - take two breaths to recover
  3. 30 Jump Rope Loops - Breathe Three Times to Recover
  4. 40 Jump Rope Loops - Take four breaths to recover
  5. 50 Jump Rope Loops - Breathe Five Times to Recover
  6. 60 Jump Rope Loops - Breathe six times to recover
  7. 70 Jump Rope Loops - Breathe seven times to recover
  8. 80 Jump Rope Loops - Take eight breaths to recover
  9. 90 Jump Rope Loops - Take nine breaths to recover
  10. 100 laps of jump rope, done!

The best jump ropes for beginners: recommended equipment

It goes without saying that in order to do any type of jump rope training, you will need a jump rope. These are some of our favorites!

1. Honor Track Speed ​​Rope

Jumping rope doesn't get much simpler than this simple.Honor Track Speed ​​Rope🇧🇷 They are available in a variety of colors and are made of resistant PVC. Despite the very reasonable price, this rope should provide many years of reliable use. On the other hand, it is only available in 10 feet, so it is better for taller users.

2. Multifunctional jump rope with digital counter

Jump Rope, Multifunctional Speed ​​Jump Rope with Calorie Counter,...

  • 【Jump Rope Counter】- With HD LED display on this jump rope, it shows...
  • 【Durable and Adjustable】- The steel rope protected by PVC coating makes it more...
  • 【Smooth and fast】: Built-in high-quality ball bearings to prevent twisting,...
  • 【Fitness and Exercise】: The multifunctional skipping rope can shape your cardiovascular resistance,...
  • 【Maximum Comfort】- The updated ergonomic design with non-slip handles...

If you keep losing count of how many rope rounds you've done or want to know how many calories you've burned, this rope is for you. EITHERmultifunctional skipping ropeit is adjustable and the handles have non-slip inserts. Available in six attractive colors, this is a fast rope that turns very smoothly.

3. WOD Nation Wire Speed ​​Jump Rope

WOD Nation Speed ​​​​Jump Rope - Ultra-fast jump ropes - Resistance...

  • Cut seconds or even minutes off your WOD times - this jump rope is not only fast...
  • Stop doing singles when everyone else is doing doubles: after you customize this...
  • Get in the best shape of your life - we designed this speed rope not only for...
  • Also ideal for home workouts: this rope is really all you need to stay in shape and...
  • For use on smooth surfaces only: Like all steel cable jump ropes, this rope...

This is the perfect rope for speed demons! Instead of the more common PVC handle, this model has a fast-spinning, plastic-covered cable, making it ideal for high-intensity workouts. EITHERWOD Nation Speed ​​Jump RopeIt is fully adjustable, supplied with two laces, available in nine colors and comes with a handy storage bag.

4. Proud Panda Weighted Jump Rope

Jump Rope Weight Training - 1lb Professional Jump Rope with...

  • 【THIS IS THE MIRACLE SKIP ROPE】- This skipping rope comes with...
  • 【EVERY FAMILY MEMBER CAN USE IT】 Designed with a length of 9.9 feet, a...
  • 【THE BEST HANDLE MATERIAL】 The ergonomic handle, wrapped in...
  • 【PERFECT FOR SPORTS FITNESS】 Our jump rope with weights can train...

This adjustable speed rope features weighted handles to increase the upper body demands of your jump rope workouts. The weights are removable if you want a less intense workout.weighted ropesthey are popular with boxers and MMA fighters looking to strengthen their shoulders.

5. CrossRope Get a set of skinny jump ropes

Crossrope Get Lean Weighted Jump Rope Set

  • The world's first weighted jump rope system created to help you lose weight and...
  • The highly rated workout app gives you access to hundreds of fast and effective workouts...
  • The Fast-clip connection system allows you to switch between light and heavy strings for...
  • Heavy, durable strings make it easy for beginners to learn. No fuss or...
  • Online community of over 80,000 jumpers will keep you motivated and inspired
(Video) Top beginner jump rope tips 👊🏼 link to ropes in comments ⬇️ #jumprope #skipping #tips

CrossRope is not just a training tool; is a fitness community of thousands of jumpers to keep you motivated. The rope is made of high quality materials and built to last. This isn't the cheapest jump rope, but it might be one of the best. The weights are removable and the rope is adjustable. The handles feature super smooth ball bearing mechanisms. EastCrossRope Weighted Jump Rope Setis compatible with a downloadable application.

What should be the length of a jump rope? Final thoughts

It's hard to overstate how effective jumping rope is for getting fit and burning fat. Whatever your goals, jump rope will help you achieve them.

Once you get the right size jump rope, you can exercise almost anywhere at any time, and there are many different ways to use a jump rope. Try interval training, Tabatas, or include jump rope in a circuit workout.

Why not start the day with ten minutes of jumping rope?

Learning to jump rope is a process and takes practice, but most people should be able to master it quickly. The key is getting started, so grab a jump rope, measure the size, and get to work.

There's a reason why jump rope is such a beloved exercise; works!

what's next

Jump rope is a great addition to any workout, especially bodyweight exercises.

For example, add 25 to 50 wraps of jump rope to the beginning or end of thisGreat bodyweight circuit training for beginners..

But as great as jumping rope is, it's not the only way to burn calories and change your body composition.

you will be surprised to knowHow many calories can you burn doing deadlifts?mi27 Amazing Ways Deadlifts Change Your Body.

(Video) How Long Should You Jump Rope Every Day To Lose Weight?

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How long should a jump rope workout be? ›

On a day you can't get a run in, or you want something to complement your current routine, Oprea suggests jumping rope for 15 to 20 minutes to get a good workout. If that seems daunting at first, you could split it up into two 10-minute sessions.

What is a good beginner jump rope routine? ›

Beginner Workout 2
  • Set 1: 30 seconds of jumping, 30-second rest.
  • Set 2: 45 seconds of jumping, 45-second rest.
  • Set 3: One minute of jumping, one-minute rest.
  • Set 4: 45 seconds of jumping, 45-second rest.
  • Set 5: 30 seconds of jumping, 30-second rest.

What will 10 min jump roping a day do? ›

Killer Cardio Workout With Weight Loss Benefits

Burn, baby, burn! In just two ten-minute jump rope sessions, you can burn up to 200 calories. Practicing every day for seven days can help you burn more than 1,000 calories per week.

Is 10 minutes of jump rope enough exercise? ›

It's good cardio

"The benefits of jumping rope for 10 minutes per day have been proven to be just as effective in terms of cardiovascular health and caloric expenditure as running for 30 minutes," says Vela. This means you can get your daily dose of cardio in three songs, flat.

What happens if you jump rope everyday? ›

“Plus, if you're pushed for time and looking for an effective full-body workout, jumping rope is an excellent solution.” Not only can the repetitive movement of skipping rope elevate your heart rate, work muscles in the arms and legs and burn calories, it may even provide a quick jolt of joy.

What does 20 minutes of jump rope do? ›

Jumping rope is an effective workout that can burn many calories in a short time frame. For example, 20 minutes of jump rope can burn up to 241 calories for a 200-pound (91-kg) person.

Can skipping rope reduce belly fat? ›

Yes, skipping helps strengthen the core of your body. Hence it helps to reduce belly fat and tighten abdominals. Yes, skipping helps strengthen the core of your body. Hence it helps to reduce belly fat and tighten abdominals.

How long should I jump rope to lose weight for beginners? ›

3 sets of 30 seconds

If you are looking for a mid-level or advanced jump rope weight loss workout, there are several modifications you can make. Start by increasing the jump rope times from 30 seconds to 1-2 minutes. Also, instead of taking a 30 second to 1-minute break between exercises, plank for that amount of time.

How much skipping should a beginner do? ›

If you're a beginner, it's recommended that you only jump rope one to three times a week, focusing on short sessions (one to five minutes).

Is skipping better than running? ›

The average peak force on the tibiofemoral joint (the knee hinge where the femur, tibia, and patella meet) is 30 percent greater in people who run compared to people who skip. What's more, skipping allows for a greater calorie burn. Skippers burn 30 percent more calories than runners, the study found.

How many skips a day beginner? ›

Depending on your fitness you should try to skip for at least one minute each day to feel the benefits. Increase this as you start to feel less out of breath each day.

What does 5 minutes of jump roping do? ›

Just 5 minutes of jumping rope every day can have benefits for your health. It's a great way to get your heart rate up, burn calories, and tone your muscles. And because it's low-impact, it's easy on your joints. So if you're looking for a quick and effective workout, grab a jump rope and get going.

Does skipping tone your arms? ›

Skipping is the best cardio workout and it's inexpensive as well. It doesn't just help you sweat out the fat from your body, but gives you sleek and tone arms too. “Skipping rope affects arms muscles as you lift your body's weight as well as move your arms in circular motion.

Should you jump rope barefoot? ›

Jumping rope barefoot may seem like a good recipe for getting your toes whipped. But for many avid jumpers (myself included), the benefits of barefoot jumping far outweigh the occasional stung foot. Why? You have over 100 different muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your feet.

Is skipping good for girls? ›

Jumping rope is a weight-bearing exercise and will promote greater bone mass and prevent osteoporosis, especially if you're a woman. It also helps relieve stress by encouraging the production of endorphins to make you feel good!

What happens if I jump rope everyday for 30 minutes? ›

With a 30 minute jump rope HIIT workout you can expect to burn somewhere between 300 – 450 calories or more depending on your weight, throughout the course of a day. That's the equivalent amount of calories to a massive double bacon cheeseburger, or 15 Oreos, or 16 donut holes, or… you get where we're going with this.

How can I lose weight in 2 weeks by skipping? ›

If you're looking to lose weight, aim for a skipping workout that consists of two to three sets of one-minute intervals with 30 seconds of rest in between. As you get more fit, you can increase the number of sets and the length of your intervals.

Does 5 minutes of jump rope equal 30 minutes running? ›

But this does not really show how much jump roping equals a mile. Jumping rope burns 12 calories per minute and running at a moderate pace burns around 100 calories per mile. So, this means you need to be rope jumping for about 8 minutes and 20 seconds just to match the calorie consumption of a mile of running.

Does skipping affect breast size? ›

Skipping cause vigorous breast movement and an ill-fitted bra can cause the breast muscles to tear and cause the breasts to sag. Most importantly, also check the surface. It should be smooth and preferably wooden. Do a proper warm-up before you commence with the skipping exercise.

How can I skip a flat stomach with rope? ›

Six-minute skipping bodyweight abs workout:
  1. Skip x 30 seconds.
  2. Plank on elbows x 30 seconds.
  3. Skip x 30 seconds.
  4. Sit-ups x 30 seconds.
  5. Skip x 30 seconds.
  6. Reverse plank x 30 seconds.
  7. Skip x 30 seconds.
  8. Obliques x 30 seconds.
14 Jul 2020

What parts of the body does skipping tone? ›

A jump rope will work your calf muscles, quads, hamstrings, glutes, abs, oblique muscles, forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, back muscles, and chest muscles. Not only are you building strength in your lower body, but you're also engaging your entire upper body to control the force when you swing the rope.

Why is jumping rope so hard? ›

"Jumping feels so hard because of the large muscle forces—landing from a jump puts a lot of stress on the muscles and joints," says Dr. Karp. "Even landing when running uses two to three times body weight, so jumping equals even greater than three times your body weight when landing.

Why is it hard to skip? ›

Skipping is a difficult skill to learn. It involves the legs and arms performing different tasks at the same time. Rhythm and timing are extremely important. Some children find it easier to learn to skip on the spot while others find it easier to learn to skip on the move (e.g. like they are walking).

What are the 5 steps to skipping rope? ›

The five primary jump rope fitness exercises we suggest learning after the basic jump are:
  1. The alternate foot step.
  2. The boxer step.
  3. The side swing.
  4. The cross-over.
  5. The double under.
13 Jan 2021

What does 15 minutes of jump rope do? ›

Rope skipping exercise can burn up to 15 to 20 calories every minute. You can easily burn 200 to 300 calories on an average by working out with your jump rope for 15 minutes only.

Is 20 minutes of jump rope enough? ›

Doing jump rope for 20 minutes will elevate your heart rate (the best fitness trackers including some of the best Fitbit models will help you keep track of HR), in turn working the heart and lungs, improving fitness and burning calories.

What happens if we do 100 skipping daily? ›

You will be able to shed fat by skipping for about 30 minutes every day. As compared to jogging, skipping rope can burn more fat and engages more muscles; you can burn about 13 calories per minute if you are doing about 100 to 120 skips per minute.

What does 1 hour of skipping do? ›

What they found is that jump rope is the most efficient way to burn fat. They had a lot of things on the list like slow and brisk walking, running at a moderate speed, tai chi and power yoga, but you know that jump rope is king out here. In just one hour of jumping rope, you can burn 1074 calories.

Who should avoid skipping? ›

Increase the duration every week by at least 1-2 minutes. You should be able to jump rope for 10-15 minutes.
Avoid Rope Jumping If
  • You have heart problems. ...
  • You are recovering from a serious illness or surgery.
  • You have high blood pressure. ...
  • You have a bone injury.
23 Nov 2022

Who should not jump rope? ›

If you're someone who suffers from heart disease, high blood pressure, or asthma, you may wish to avoid this highly intense aerobic form of exercise that will really challenge your heart and lungs. "If you're 50 pounds overweight and haven't been exercising, this isn't how I'd start," Tim Church, MD, MPH, Ph.

Is skipping better than a treadmill? ›

You burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

“You are guaranteed to burn more calories jumping rope for five minutes than you would walking on a treadmill for five minutes,” Maclin says. “When you jump rope, you work your upper body, lower body and your core because of the resistance.

Is skipping good for knees? ›

Rope jumping strengthens muscles that support the tendons and ligaments of the knees, feet, and ankles. Strengthening these supporting muscle groups reduces injury risk and contributes to recovery after injury.

Why do boxers jump rope? ›

Boxers and professional fighters consider jumping rope an absolute "must" as part of their overall training because it helps them with their conditioning, footwork and strength.

What happens if I do 1000 skips everyday? ›

"You are not gonna lose weight just by skipping rope 1,000 times a day," he says. "What I found was, on average it only takes six to eight minutes if you're going at a decent intensity and you're not breaking at all.

Can jump roping get you toned? ›

Jumping rope improves muscle tone, particularly in your arms and legs. Since these muscles are so heavily engaged in the activity, in time you'll notice greater shape and definition. With all of the benefits of jumping rope, it's easy to see that boosting your fitness doesn't have to be complicated.

Is 3 minutes of jump rope good? ›

Jumping rope is the equivalent of doing a 5.7-minute mile—a Cooper Institute Aerobic Test found that 10 minutes of jumping equals a 30-minute run. Seriously. It makes a great three-minute warm up, or you can use it as part of an interval circuit.

Can I get a six pack from jump roping? ›

Building your Abs jumping rope is possible. It is a proven healthy tool for growing a six-pack and exercising the body. Through the activity, you can be sure of burning lots of calories, which reduces fat in the entire body.

Should I warm-up before jumping rope? ›

Long story short, including a warm-up in your routine is a no-brainer. It helps increase your heart rate, blood flow, body temperature, respiration and perspiration rate. It also prepares your joints for action which increases your flexibility so you do your exercises with better form.

Is skipping good for back fat? ›


In fact, a 15-minute skipping session daily for 12-weeks can help you not just lose the flab on your back but also develop your overall body proportion, suggests a study published in the Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism.

How many minutes should I jump rope to lose weight? ›

Rope skipping exercise can burn up to 15 to 20 calories every minute. You can easily burn 200 to 300 calories on an average by working out with your jump rope for 15 minutes only.

Is 10 minutes of jump rope 30 minutes of running? ›

The subjects were given the Harvard Step Test after six weeks to analyze their cardiovascular improvement. The two groups showed equal levels which means 10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to running for 30 minutes.

What does 1 hour of jump rope do? ›

What they found is that jump rope is the most efficient way to burn fat. They had a lot of things on the list like slow and brisk walking, running at a moderate speed, tai chi and power yoga, but you know that jump rope is king out here. In just one hour of jumping rope, you can burn 1074 calories.

Does skipping help with belly fat? ›

Yes, skipping helps strengthen the core of your body. Hence it helps to reduce belly fat and tighten abdominals. Yes, skipping helps strengthen the core of your body. Hence it helps to reduce belly fat and tighten abdominals.

Is skipping better than jogging? ›

The average peak force on the tibiofemoral joint (the knee hinge where the femur, tibia, and patella meet) is 30 percent greater in people who run compared to people who skip. What's more, skipping allows for a greater calorie burn. Skippers burn 30 percent more calories than runners, the study found.

What is 10 minutes of jumping rope equivalent to walking? ›

Ten minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to running for an eight-minute mile, which can result in faster fat loss, especially around your abdomen and trunk muscles, he explains, adding that people who have high blood pressure or heart problems should avoid it. Jumping rope can make your lower body muscles stronger.

How many minutes a day should I jump rope to see results? ›

Jumping rope for anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes will fetch you good results. As a beginner, you could start by skipping for as long as you can with 60-second breaks in between for up to 10 -15 minutes. Do this twice or thrice a week.

What is 5 mins of skipping equivalent to? ›

According to the site, “research has shown jumping rope for a minimum of five-minutes a day can improve physical fitness. When you subsequently build-up your duration to ten-minutes of jumping non-stop at 120 RPM's, it can provide the same benefits as the following”: 30 minutes of jogging.


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