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If you love your partner very much and they cheat on you, often being cheated on changes you as a person.

Pain from your partner causes you to develop fearful thought patterns and low self-esteem anchors that prevent you from being normal and relaxed with your partner and other people.

The anxiety-strengthened emotions caused by cheating essentially change the way you feel and behave as they continually alert you to be careful who you choose to trust.

it's not alonewomen affected by betrayal.Cheating affects men too🇧🇷 And, like women, men often close their hearts, lose their sense of identity and question their worth and capabilities.

There's no denying that cheating affects everyone involved in your relationship, but the extent to which they are affected varies from person to person.

Some people are so hurt that they blame themselves for their partner's actions. They feel that they somehow played a role in their partner's cheating and that if they were prettier or had more emotional self-control, they could prevent the cheating from happening.

But what these grieving people don't realize is that they had nothing to do with their partner's unfair actions. They are not responsible for them, even if they treated their partner badly by lying, yelling, yelling, and kicking.

Cheating is inexcusable, regardless of whether the couple belongs or not. That is why the only person 100% responsible for the deception is the person who committed the sin.

It doesn't matter what you said or what you should have done to make your partner happy, so it's not up to you to take the blame for your partner's recklessness.

You may have said some hurtful words or you may not have lived up to your partner's expectations, but you are only human and you just behaved in the way that seemed best to you.

You are by no means innocent, but you certainly haven't pressured your partner into cheating on you. That would be ridiculous.

In this article, we'll discuss how being cheated on changes you as a person and why it takes so long to get over it.

How does being lied to change you as a person? - success magnet (1)

How does betrayal change who you are?

When you love and trust your partner with everything you have and they cheat on you by cheating on you, it feels like the world is falling apart for you.

It feels like a poison arrow has been pierced through your heart, leaving you alive long enough for you to know you've been betrayed.

The pain of betrayal initially shocks and perplexes you. This causes you to experience agonizing anxiety that can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach ulcers.

But when the top layers of your skin finally heal over your superficial wounds, the wound underneath remains open, taking months or even years before it fully closes.

And that only if you receive proper treatment, which consists of a lot of support, self-love and positive thinking.

Even though this wound under the skin is trying its best to close up, it continues to hurt like hell. It reminds you that your partner to whom you trusted your life cheated on you and showed you how little you care.

Depending on how strong you are as a person and how self-sufficient the life you created before the betrayal is, being cheated on can change you in many ways.

If you don't enjoy your own company very much and tend to depend on others for your happiness and well-being, cheating can throw you off balance completely.

It can turn you around and take away your personal goals and direction in life.

Especially if your ex cheated on you andI traded you for someone else🇧🇷 In that case, being cheated on will probably shatter your self-esteem and leave you with suchseparation anxietythat makes you sick

Long-term consequences of being cheated

If you've been cheated on and your ex has left you to fend for yourself, the cheating is likely to scare you so much that you doubt other people's intentions for a while. This will serve as a reminder that people can be deceitful and may not always have your best interests in mind.

Consequently, you will analyze people's words and actions like a detective to protect yourself from experiencing the kind of pain your ex caused you.

And if you don't let your guard down soon and get back on track, you could even develop serioustrust issuesthat prevent you from relating to other people and approaching new romantic opportunities.

This can affect you so much that you lose confidence in yourself and your appearance and become a jealous and paranoid person who does not trust anyone. Not even your closest friends who only want the best for you.

Basically, cheating can cause you to be afraid of what happened and spread to people who are somehow connected to your romantic relationships.

It can be passed on to friends, acquaintances, and even family members.

There's no way of knowing how being cheated on will affect you in the long run, as each person has unique coping mechanisms. We all perceive and react to pain differently.

But if it's been a long time since you got cheated on and you're still in a lot of pain, know that the pain you feel is bound to leave you with long-term negative consequences.

We're talking about the kind of consequences that will make your future relationships difficult.

Being cheated on can affect your self-esteem.

Your troubled thoughts combined with shattered self-esteem can make you think that you are a horrible person and that something is wrong with you. This can affect you to the point where you start to feel unworthy of love and affection.

Especially if you let anxiety alter the way you think about yourself. If you allow that to happen, cheating can make you feel worthless as a person and sink you into the deepest depression imaginable.

And that's a place you really don't want to sink into.

Sure, not falling into a depression after being cheated on is a million times easier said than done, but at the end of the day, you're the one in control of the pain you let in.

If you didn't take care of your personal happiness before your partner cheated on you, now you have to work hard to regain control of your well-being.

You have to put in the work you neglected all those years ago. This is essentially what the pain of infidelity wants you to do.

He wants you to possess the strength not only to survive the betrayal, but also to minimize the damage it inflicts on you.

Being cheated on can change your relationships

The fear and anxiety created by infidelity can change the way you behave with your (new) partner. It can cause you to act on your instincts (to avoid pain) and in doing so make you appear jealous, needy, controlling, and insecure.

Cheating can basically control you instead of you controlling it and make you seem overly demanding at times. This type of behavior suffocates the person you are with and tells them that you are not happy with yourself.

And if you're not comfortable being who you are, your partner knows that you're going to depend on them to feel safe and make life more difficult than it should be.

Therefore, before reflecting your anxious emotional state on your partner, you should always make sure that:

  1. Enjoy being yourself.
  2. Trust your partner completely.

If you are always afraid of your partner cheating on you, you will always be walking on eggshells. You will let your fears guide you, and as a result, you will become a living radar for threats that could harm you.

When that happens, your weakened state of mind will reflect on your life and affect the way you act around people you don't completely trust.

Being cheated on makes you wonder if your partner really loved you

Your partner (assuming they are now your ex) would have avoided cheating on you if they really loved and respected you. I would have considered your feelings first and rationally discerned whether or not it's worth cheating on you and leaving you for someone else.

If it was worth it and he didn't want to be with you, he still wouldn't have cheated on you. He would have taken your moral values ​​into account and understood how fucked up cheating really is.

he would know thatcheating says bad things about a person- and that he doesn't want to be.

So if your (ex)partner cheated on you and broke your heart into little pieces, you should know that your ex did not love you at the time he cheated on you. She probably loved you weeks or months before that, before she started talking to other people behind your back.

And no matter what excuse your partner gave you when you caught them cheating on you, remember that your deceitful actions speak for themselves.

It is said that he developed feelings of attraction towards another person and fell emotionally or at least sexually in love with that girl.

Did my ex ever mean what he said?

The sincerity of someone's intentions is not based on the words they say, but on their actions.

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

Here are some things your ex may have said to you in your relationship with him:

  • I will love you until the end of time.
  • Soon we should start planning marriage and children.
  • I have never been with someone as amazing as you before.
  • I want to stay with you forever and treat you with love and care.
  • Thank you for teaching me to love.
  • I will never betray you.

If your ex said touch things, he promised to build a future with you. But, as you know, promises mean nothing if they are not kept.

So why did your ex promise you all these nice things?

Well it turns out that youex promised you the worldbecause that's how your ex felt at the time. He enjoyed being with you and he liked where their relationship was going.

But the moment he changed and cheated on you, he threw those promises out the window and focused on external validation.

He got involved with someone new and threw away everything they built as a couple just to keep chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The truth is that your ex cheated on you because he didn't care about your feelings. He only cared about your wants and needs, which include your sexual gratifications.

Remember that a person who is with you needs self-awareness and self-control to be with you. Without these basic things, a person cannot control his impulses and stop cheating on you.

How to become stronger after being betrayed?

After spending time in your dark cave, surrounded by depressive thoughts and nagging anxiety, it's finally time to break free of everything that's holding you back from reaching your full potential.

It's time to put the missing pieces together and get the enthusiasm back.

See how you can do this.

1) Do not blame yourself for your partner's infidelity

You should never think that you are responsible for your partner's betrayal, nor consider yourself a victim. You are a survivor, a warrior armed with incredible strength and stamina, capable of overcoming anything you set your mind to.

It's your partner's lack of self-awareness that caused this, so leave it at that. I know you're in pain, but don't look for more reasons to be in pain or it will surely hurt longer.

Your thoughts will be sure of it.

So keep in mind that there are certain things in life that you have no control over. Things like people's thoughts and actions.

People choose their path by the type of thoughts they have on a daily basis. If your thoughts are healthy and positive, you avoid hurting others and do what's best for everyone.

But if they are negative and self-defeating, your actions are also negative and self-defeating.

2) Express what you feel

Being cheated on and breaking up are two incredibly painful tests that people have to go through.

If they've happened to you recently and you feel like you're dying inside, don't keep your pain to yourself. Try to open up to your family, friends, and professionals who are there to help people with personal difficulties.

There is absolutely no need to be shy about sharing your story with others.

I know it takes a lot of strength and courage to trust someone, but the reward will be worth every word when you say it.

Don't let yourself drown in sadness and depression. If crying makes you feel better, cry. If writing in a journal helps you relax, write in a journal.

Do whatever it takes, as long as you get rid of the heavy load you carry.

3) Never seek revenge

Many people contemplateget revenge on ex.

If you're one of them, I want you to know that it's okay to be angry. Your ex treated you much worse than you deserved to be treated, but that doesn't mean you should stoop to your ex's level and fight fire with fire.

It's not worth ruining your happiness by getting back at an ex who doesn't even love himself. So never show your ex or anyone else that you are prepared to hurt him the way he did.

You don't have to play God and make life miserable for your ex because of his mistakes. Rest assured, Karma will take care of that, so sit back and relax.

Your ex will have to pay for his actions at some point in his life, and you don't have to get involved. I'm sure you have better things to attend to. Things that won't make you look like a horrible human being.

If you are hurt, you probably feel a strong desire to make your ex suffer. You want your ex to feel the pain he caused you. This is because he has a self-defense mechanism that encourages him to defend himself and retaliate against those who hurt him.

This, however, does not make it right to take the law into your own hands. Getting back at your ex won't show them that you're a strong person who can take care of themselves.

On the contrary, it will show that you are immature and emotionally weak.

4) Accept that you couldn't stop the cheating from happening and that it's in the past.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Remember that you cannot change what has already happened and that everything is in the past.

There is no point in worrying about what could and what should. All that matters is that you learn from your mistakes and change and improve the parts of your life that you have control over.

You can take advantage of this post-breakup period to improve your shortcomings, correct your thought patterns, and strengthen your self-esteem. That's what you should engage your brain in even before the deception happens.

But since you probably didn't, now you have to work twice as hard.

5) Forgive yourself and your enemies

You have to realize that the only way to get over cheating is to forgive yourself for your mistakes, as well as the person who cheated on you. You don't have to force yourself to do it. Just take one step at a time and process it as fast as your mind and body will allow.

Remember that forgiving the person who broke your heart will lighten your heavy load and open your heart to new romantic opportunities. It will transform you into the person you need to be, so forgive everyone who has hurt you.

Forgive those who hurt you and you will find peace.

Don't forgive them and you will become bitter, vengeful and miserable.

6) Focus on loving yourself

Do not forget that you have immense value and that you must remain valuable no matter what. If you understand this rationally and emotionally and work tobecoming the best version of yourself, you won't need to compare yourself to your ex's new fling to validate your worth.

You'll feel comfortable being who you are, and as a result, you'll exude highconfidenceand high self esteem.

Then tell yourself that your ex didn't cheat on you because of your flaws. Your ex cheated on you because of your flaws.

7) Participate in productive activities

A healthy mind in a healthy body.

This Latin phrase can be translated as “a sound mind in a sound body”. It implies that our mind and body are connected and both need to be healthy in order to take care of each other.

So what can you do to take care of both at the same time?

That is easy. You engage them in mental and physical activity and force yourself to stay active. It's the best way to deal with anxiety, pain, and depression, but not many people do it.

People often prefer to wallow in self-pity and do absolutely nothing to break out of a rut when they can (with a little effort) shorten the time it takes to process grief naturally.

If only they realized that stress is created in the mind and can be avoided by taking the right steps.

Actions like:

  • exercise often
  • reading and studying
  • learning new things
  • socialize and make new friends
  • doing whatever it takes to keep busy

Treat yourself to nice things and do the things you didn't have time to do before. Of course, this won't instantly eliminate your pain, because it's hard to get over cheating just by keeping yourself busy.

But it will speed up the process of letting go and regaining self-esteem, giving you something new and exciting to look forward to.

Just be patient and believe in recovery, and actively work on letting go of your ex.

Take a leave of absence from work if you are having difficulties. Go to the place you dream of visiting and take some time for yourself. Take a trip miles away and see the wonders of the world if that's what you want to do.

Just get on with your life, because that's how you'll process cheating faster.

It's not the end of the world now that you've been betrayed. It's just the beginning, as your ex has finally given you the chance to find someone who enjoys your company.

8) Spend a lot of time with your friends and family and prioritize yourself

Trust me. Talking to your friends and family about your ex cheating on you will make you feel much better. She will take away some of your pain and help you to be happy again.

So hang out with your friends, chat with your family, go shopping, watch movies and have fun.

I know being betrayed hurts a lot, but you don't have to suffer alone. I'm sure you have the kind of people in your life who will listen to you and try to make you feel better.

If you don't, that's okay too. this siteDiscord Separation Communitywill help you with that.

9) Learn to trust again and meet new people

Don't be afraid to open your heart to new people. As a general rule, you need to trust others in order to receive trust in return.

So if you want them to trust you, never stop meeting new people, making new friends, or just enjoying a casual chat with random people who want to meet you.

If you agree with me that you deserve a chance at happiness, embrace the unknown and welcome new friendships and romances.

It will help you live your life the way you really want.

How being cheated on changed my life

When my ex cheated on me and fantasized about me, it hurt me a lot and destroyed my self esteem. His thoughtless actions made me doubt myself to the point of wondering if I deserved to be betrayed and if I could have been a better person to him.

Those self-torturing thoughts just wouldn't leave me alone. No matter how hard I tried, I kept blaming myself for his cheating actions. Little did I know at the time that it had very little to do with his behavior. In fact, I had nothing to do with it.

I was by no means an angel in the relationship. There were times when I could have acted and reacted better to stressors and arguments. But I don't think I deserve to be betrayed, even if I'm the worst person on the planet.

Who does not know my story, my ex used me for almost 3 years andwe faked our relationship.he got back with his exwhen he finally got the chance to do it.

Needless to say, the pain he unknowingly caused me was worse than being struck by lightning. While I have never been shocked, I certainly felt similar symptoms when my ex cheated on me.

My hands began to shake, my brain went numb, and my chest released a sharp pain.

Immediately after hearing the news of his betrayal, my ears started ringing and I couldn't focus on the task at hand. All I could think about was the false promises my ex made me when we were growing up as a strong couple.

It made me feel so alone and betrayed and abandoned. It was definitely the worst experience of my life.

I thought the pain would stop once I processed what had happened, but it didn't. Continuous thoughts of self-debasement kept popping into my head and finally convinced me that I wasn't good enough.

They told me I was useless, stupid, and unattractive, and that I couldn't keep the boyfriend I wanted to keep.

As a result of such thoughts, I began to trust people less. I started to worry that they are going to use me and cheat like my ex did. It was very difficult for me to let others get close to me because I didn't want the past to repeat itself.

I was too afraid to start a new relationship with someone I didn't trust. That's why I didn't date anyone after the breakup for two years. Sometimes I would talk to people, but I didn't feel comfortable enough to start a new chapter of my life with them.

I was stuck in the past just because I didn't want to get tricked again. This perpetual anxiety was also why I became so sensitive to criticism and any hint of possible cheating.

Some people laughed at me and made fun of me for what I went through, so I started to trust people less in general. I couldn't take the pain anymore, so I was on the lookout for anything that might hurt me again.

I thought the best way to do this is to push people away. And when I did that, my social circle narrowed and I started to trust only my closest friends and family.

After a while, I accepted that my ex was gone and that I wasWith someone else🇧🇷 I knew I wouldn't be back, solet go of hopeand I went on with my life. It was the best decision I could have made because I was tired of how I felt for him.

I just wanted to feel myself again.

What helped me move on after being cheated on?

When my ex left me for his ex girlfriend I was completely devastated.I couldn't eat or sleep, but I knew I had to ease my pain somehow.

I figured the best way to do this was to turn my attention away from my ex and focus on myself.

Focusing on myself and (helping) others slowly took the pain away. It helped me regain control of my life, so I continued to do what worked for me. I went crazy with sports, martial arts, and various productive and enjoyable post-breakup activities that kept me busy.

I also spend a lot of time with my friends. At some point, my friends even suggested that I sign up for dating sites and thus get rid of my ex.

I don't know how they did it, but somehow they inspired me to stop hating myself and showed me how to enjoy life again. I feel eternally grateful to them for that.

I have to admit that right after the break up, I was miserable. I felt so bad that I didn't know how to go on living.

But as time went by, I soon realized that my ex and I were not meant to be together. We were very incompatible in many ways, so I decided that I needed to focus on myself and find happiness on my own.

Therefore, my ex cheating on me has a positive side. While I have developed some unhealthy thought patterns and negative anchors, I am proud to say that I have dealt with most of them.

It's only a matter of time before it overtakes the remaining few as well.

I even found someone who understands me better than my ex. So overall, I'm thankful for the breakup.

I'm slowly letting my guard down around people and going back to the kind of carefree girl I used to be.

Has betrayal changed you as a person? Have you overcome the challenges that come with this or are you still working on them? Leave your thoughts below.

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