8 Problems Only Empaths Will Understand (2023)

But wait, why would anyone hate being an empath?

Only people who aren't empaths would ask that kind of question.

You know all too well the difficulties that come with empathy.

The constant emotional tension, the inability to turn off your feelings. Crowds are almost always overwhelming - the list goes on.

You're not the only one who tends to feel this way, and it's true that sometimes you feel like you hate being one.

Being an empath myself, I have often wondered if there is anything I can do about all the downsides. Because honestly, sometimes I really hate it.

The good news is that there is definitely something that can be done. In this article, I'm not only going to help you better understand yourself as an empath, but I'm also going to give you some really good tips to help you deal with the very common drawbacks.

This article will help you not only overcome the problems that come with being an empath, but also help you gain the ability to thrive as one.

A big part of reaching a sane place involves catharsis.

First let's go through 8 common difficulties. Then we talk about 6 ways you can handle it like an empath.

Finally, let's delve into the concept of catharsis: what it is, how it helps, and how you can achieve it.

So let's start. Here are 8 things I find hardest about being an empath.


1) to be deceived

drawThings don't need to be said often. You are very insightful.

When someone lies to an empath, it's clear as day. andNobody likes to be deceived.

If someone lies about who they are or about something small, it might not be a problem.

But you can get tired. Especially when they are people close to you, whom you love and trust. You lie and show. They think they can lie to you and get away with it, and that can hurt your feelings.

You can often wonder why they don't trust you enough to tell you the truth in this situation.

The fact is, almost everyone is fake to some degree in their lives and often.

And that's okay. In some cases it isBestnot to say the blunt truth.

But as an empath, being deceived is often a great struggle. It's hard not to take it personally.

2) Susceptibility to addictive habits

As an empath, you know how intensely you feel about everything. Not only do you feel the things that are happening to you specifically, but you also feel everyone else's emotions.

This could all be too much. To be honest, sometimes I wish I could just stop feeling.

This is where addictive habits can become a big problem. It's very easy to start abusing drugs, alcohol and sex. Really anything that suspends feelings or emotions and replaces them with euphoria or numbness.

There's nothing wrong with finding an escape from our day-to-day problems (what else would you call relaxation?). But abusing addictive substances to avoid problems or deal with emotions in a healthy way will be destructive. Both long term and short term.

There's really no shame, even if it's not healthy. It's a survival technique, a form of self-preservation. It's always a good idea to examine your habits for signs of addiction or abuse, empathetic or otherwise.

If you feel like you're struggling with addiction, here are somegreat resources.

Here's a look at10 healthy habitshave authentic people.

3) Gets bored easily

This is one of my personal struggles as an empath.

When I am constantly being overwhelmed by the intense emotions of those around me and those around me, I almost get used to it.

And then when I have silence, some peace of mind or lack of stimulation, I get bored.

It happens to many empaths; It is a common difficulty.

When your work, school, or home life is boring, you'll find your mind wandering all over the place, getting lost in daydreams and wishing you were somewhere else.

It's just part of being an empath.

(Video) 6 Struggles Only Genuine Empaths Will Understand

4) Always tired

This one is also close to me. I'm almost always exhausted. When people ask me how I'm doing, I almost always say "tired".

Soa familiar?

Their response is usually something like "but you're always tired". Or they advise me to sleep more.

I don't always sleep better, but I doregular and healthy sleepusually. It doesn't help that I'm tired.

It's just as easy to be overwhelmed as an empath. A person you meet during the day can completely change your mood and completely drain all your energy reserves. And if your day isn't over yet, it could happen again. When you feel like you have nothing left.

It makes you tired, exhausted and almost always exhausted. Sleep is hardly a factor in this type of fatigue.

People who are not empathetic do not understand this difficulty.

5) Struggle to keep a job

This ties in with the third difficulty listed: getting bored easily.

Doing typical corporate work in a capitalist society becomes routine very quickly. Entry and exit days are always the same; Jobs are repetitive.

This is not a good environment for an empath. Especially if it's a client-facing position: the depletion of your energy makes you lethargic and numb.

Your colleagues and supervisors probably won't understand why. Your boss will demand that you work harder - or be happier - or get better at dealing with customers. If you fail, you will likely be fired.

Or, more likely, you're fed up with work - too bored and too tired - andfor something else, hoping the next place will be better.

It is aconstant struggle for empaths, and a great difficulty we face.

If you are bored at work,There are many good jobs here.where empaths can put their gifts to good use.

6) Compassion becomes a burden

For many people who are not empathetic, compassion is a lofty ideal. People are always striving to be more compassionate.

Honestly, this is wonderful. The world could use hellmuch more compassion.

But for empaths, compassion is just part of it. They can't help but feel compassion for almost everyone they meet.

That's because empaths feel other people's emotions without having to say a word about it.

Having a deep understanding of people's emotions, to the point where you feel them as your own, tends to engender compassion.

compassionate peoplefeel a strong desireto ease the pain of others. They want to help where they can.

The problem is that you, as an individual, cannot help everyone. An empath can feel the pain of every person they meet in their life, but they cannot help everyone. Even if they want to.

Then compassion can become a burden. It's simply not possible to help everyone, and that's a hard thing to do every day.

7) Used for empathy

There aren't many, but there are a handful of people you'll meet (or have met) who can tell you that you're extraordinarily empathetic. They feel your gift, your ability to understand and show compassion.

And they want your help. You look for it without regard to your personal well-being. You are like a dumping ground for your emotions and problems.

Being used for your empathy is particularly draining.

When people come to you specifically for their comfort and help, they take it from you and demand it.

Of course you want to help them. As empaths, we always do whatever we can to help people. It often feels like an obligation, as if we have no other choice.

It gets a little difficult when we are also dealing with people who use us for our empathy.

Here are 6 things manipulative people do andthe best way to deal with it.

8) No room for personal emotions

The more people an empath interacts with on a day-to-day basis, the less space they have to deal with their own emotions.

In fact, one of the hardest and most unhealthy aspects of being an empath is one of the hardest.

Empaths are particularly prone toemotional contagion: other people's moods often determine your own.

As an empath, you bring their pain into your body and feel it deeply. It's hard to turn off and impossible to turn off completely.

It often becomes very difficult to separate your own emotions from all the emotions you have picked up from other people who cross your path.

(Video) 11 Struggles Only Authentic Empaths Will Understand

Your emotions invade your consciousness and soon you have no room for yours. Or maybe you're so confused that you can't even remember which ones belong to you.

This point sums up the biggest difficulty of being an empath. At this point things get unhealthy, it's easy to lose track of who you are and fall into a life of unhealthy habits and misery.

But there are many proactive things that can be done about it.

How to deal

There are ways to stop emotional contagion and disconnect from others. It just takes practice.

Let's take a look at some ways to deal with the downsides of being an empath.

After that we will talk about the importance of catharsis.

1) Identify the feeling of who and what

It's so easy to barely step on the spot as an empath. The sea of ​​emotions around us rises so quickly and threatens to overwhelm us.

If it feels like an unstoppable tide, that's okay. Take a deep breath, give yourself space.

It won't happen in a day, but start sorting those feelings out. Learn to label them as they come.

If you can explicitly define what the emotion is, you can identify it.

Once identified, you can find out where the feeling came from. Who felt like this? Was it you or did you get it from someone else?

At this point, it becomes much easier to manage the constant stream of emotions that bombard your senses day after day as an empath.

You can even keep a diary. Writing things can bereally beneficial, and will help you remember and identify the myriad emotions you absorb.

It doesn't have to be detailed: set the time and place, the emotion and the person that suits you best. It might even be just one word.

2) Enjoy your alone time

give empathy. They give of themselves, they give of their time. What they take is the negative. They absorb people's negative emotions, taking away their pain in the best possible way.

They are truly wonderful souls.

You, of all people, deserve to be healed too, and for that, you need some alone time.

When you're alone, you can process the emotions you've absorbed, all that negative energy.

It takes time to sort through all the noise and energy you've picked up throughout the day or week.

So value your alone time. When you have time to yourself, focus your energies on healing, releasing that negative energy and resting.

alone time isgood for all of us🇧🇷 But it's especially important for empaths.

Work with your feelings, rededicate your healing energy to yourself.

It may sound odd and strange, but self-compassion is vital for empaths. Give yourself the grace andself care you needwill benefit you enormously. You shouldn't feel guilty about doing this.

Keep your body healthy and free of negative energy. Yoga, meditation, body care and much more will relax and purify you.

The goal of your alone time should be revitalization. Your everyday life will drastically improve.

Here are some great optionsfeel happy alone.

3) Imagine a shield around you

If you talk to the most experienced empaths, they will tell you that a great way to avoid emotional burnout and contagion is just to imagine a shield.

Put this shield between yourself - your energy, your feelings, emotions - and the energy of those around you.

This can be especially useful in large crowds or when you interact with many people on a daily basis.

Imagining a clear separation between yourself and others—be it a wall, a pane of glass, or a force field bubble—can be extremely helpful.

Even if you feel other people's emotions with the same intensity, you've already separated them from your emotions and they won't be as strong. This is a huge step in dealing with and processing all the feelings you face as an empath.

4) Don't just think intuitively, ask questions all the time

The temptation to just suffer in silence and rely solely on your gift is strong.

I know I tend to "ignore" people when I really connect with them more than they realize.

(Video) 7 Strange Things Empaths Do that Only Authentic Empaths Will Understand

Most of the time I am already overwhelmed and exhausted when I "ignore". The last thing I want to do is open up that connection more.

But here's the thing. It can really help.

As empaths, we tend to think that maybe we already know everything about how a person is feeling. But if you ask her about it, you might be surprised.

Learning the details of people's stories and the things that made them feel a certain way will benefit you. studies showtalking to strangers is good for everyone, but it can be a useful tool for empaths.

Don't just take on their mood, talk to them about it.

This will let you know when you are experiencing more emotions. You will begin to better understand all the many nuances of people's feelings and why.

This will also help them process their own experiences. In all likelihood, both of you will feel somewhat encouraged to share this experience.

Understanding why someone feels a certain way will also help to separate their emotions from yours.

5) Land yourself

Grounding is a powerful therapeutic tool.which can be used in all sorts of situations by almost anyone to regulate their emotions.

For empaths, this will help stir up the storm of emotions around you, rather than sticking to you and overwhelming you.

Focus on being 100% present. Take some calming breaths. Touch a nearby object and focus intensely on it.

This will pull you away from the feelings that threaten to overwhelm you. Grounding yourself will help you to regulate your emotions and the emotions you feel from others.

You can even imagine pushing all that negative energy into the ground through your feet. Push it out of your body, separate it from you and release it.

Here they are35 great techniques to ground yourself.

6) Set boundaries

This can be one of the most beneficial and important things you can do for yourself as an empath.

It's so easy to get lost, overwhelmed, and have no idea what to do about it. The confusing confusion and clutter of living in so many other people's feelings can leave you with little energy to do anything about it.

That's why it's so important to set boundaries.

We cannot change the way we absorb other people's emotions and feelings. In fact, it shouldn't be anything that we think needs "fixing".

Being empathetic is a gift, despite its drawbacks, and there are countless wonderful things that come from it. Do not lose sight of this.

set limitsit's a very healthy thing. As an empath, these limits are critical to your sanity and your ability to deal with the drawbacks of your gift.

Your gift is for other people. Having personal boundaries is like a gift to yourself.

You are not a dumping ground for other people's feelings. You are worth so much more. So, don't get carried away.

Identify which situations are most stressful for you and limit your exposure if necessary.

Your needs, desires, energy level and mental health determine where your personal boundaries lie. If you follow them, you will be healthier and happier.

Also, when you are at your best, you will be even more capable as an empath.

achieve catharsis

What is catharsis?

CorrespondingMerriam Webster, catharsis is "b: a purification or purification that brings about a spiritual renewal or release of tension".

So how does this apply to empaths?

No matter how protective you are or how good you are at mitigating the drawbacks of your Gift, you will still absorb other people's emotions.

That's why I say you can't just turn off your gift as an empath. You can limit the amount of emotional contagion you pick up, but no matter what happens, you will still be sensitive to others.

Where do all these negative emotions and energies go?

Often, it just stays with us. We put emotions aside, ignore ourselves, live in misery: tired, drained, doing our best.

But it doesn't always have to be that way. Just because we can embrace other people's emotions doesn't mean we should keep them.

The key is to recognize negative and alien emotions and then completely release them from our body. Once our energy is completely drained of emotions, we achieve catharsis.

(Video) 7 Weird Things Empaths Do that Only Genuine Empaths Will Understand

For example, let's say you keep a journal: whenever you feel like you're absorbing an emotion, write it down.

When you're alone, you take out your journal and start writing down every emotion. After thinking and remembering each one, let them go completely. Imagine each emotion flowing down a river, washed away by rain or carried away by a warm breeze. And when it's gone, it's really gone. Forever.

This is catharsis. When you achieve catharsis as an empath, you really feel refreshed, energized and free of extraneous emotions.

be empatheticit gives you an extraordinary connection with others. Having a strong sense of your own emotions, maintaining strict boundaries, and maintaining the ability to take care of your own emotional health will allow you to mitigate the downside.

It won't always be easy, but remember that there's something wonderful about being an empath.

Empaths are people whokeen sense of reading peopleand determine what is going on with people in their lives.It also means that they are also a lot of strengths to be an empath.

To make you feel better about being an empath, here are 10 superpowers empaths have. This is also why no one wants to adopt an empath!

10 superpowers every empath has

8 Problems Only Empaths Will Understand (7)

1) You know you're lying

empaths canread the body languagelike an open book. Liars often display specific body language when they are lying, and empaths are quick to pick up on this.

If you're trying to pull the wool over an empath's eyes, don't do it.

2) You can't fool them

You can pretend you want to, but an empath can see right through you. Whether it's because you took something, broke something, did something, or won something - whatever it is, they can read you like you don't believe it.

So keep it real

3) You know you're jealous

Empaths are really in tune with people's feelings and can sense whenAre people jealoustheirs and others. This makes it difficult to communicate with people and vice versa.

4) You feel hate

Empaths feel more complete than other people, and when they are around hateful people or things, they have a hard time letting go of those feelings. They will call you out on your hate and put you in your place.

5) You can read your biases

People who judge people, talk down people, or have racist tendencies should be aware that empaths can smell that shit a mile away. Empaths give everyone an equal chance, but if you screw up, you're gone.

6) They know your feelings

Even if you're not sure how you're feeling, empaths can read your body language and tell you what you're feeling.

You know when people say one thing and mean another. It makes for interesting relationships, breakups, and more.

7) They hate showing off

Nothing annoys an empath more than when someone tries to be something they're not. Also the people who follow youwrong peopledriving empaths crazy.

So if you are not who you say you are, stay away.

8) You might feel like you're on the wrong track

Even when you feel like you're on the right path, an empath can sense that something might be missing from your journey. Maybe you have a job but really wanted to start your own business. Empaths can tell you what to do with your life whether you want to hear it or not.

9) You might see the wrong people

drawRely on your heightened sense of self and confidence to read the people you meet. when they meet someonewhich just went unannounced, They keep walking.

Empaths have themexcellent skills that help them excel in certain jobs.

10) They hate explorers

Explorers put people at risk for their own benefit, and Empaths have a thing or two to say about that. They can see people manipulating situations from afar and will be sure to point out when things get out of hand. When you are not working for others, you are only working for yourself.

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8 Problems Only Empaths Will Understand (8)

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